Magazine Loader


     7” touchscreen display
     High throughput with short magazine change-over time
     Servo motor driven lifter enable precise indexing
     Pneumatic pusher’s pressure regulated
     Manually adjustable pusher position
     Programmable magazine and product setting
     User management function allow user level access control
     Ethernet port for network interface
     Towerlight display for machine status
     OPC UA ready
     Industry 4.0 ready
     CANOpen communication ready


The NTA Multi Magazine Line Loader is used to load PCB from a magazine. The attached pusher cylinder will push PCB out from the magazine to downstream machine. The lifter in the NTA Multi Magazine Line Loader will then ascend to the next slot to stand by for loading.


Model No.SizeMachine Dimension (mm)
L x W x H
PCB SizeWeight
CALD-880AM1200*805*1700mm 330*250mm 215KG
CALD-880AL  1390*880*1700mm460*330mm 235KG
CALD-880ALL1565*940*1700mm510*380mm 255KG
CALD-880AXL 1565*1015*1700mm 510*460mm 275KG